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MILITARY AIR PASSENGER/CARGO REQUEST NOTE: Keep this data on file for two years after submission date. 1. SELECT APPLICABLE TRAVEL STATEMENT: PRIORITY 1 Direct support of operational forces engaged
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So I've had a lot of commenters on this channel recommend that I get some kind of delay with a tap tempo and I've had a few of you guys specifically recommend the DD 20 I did finally take the plunge and get one of these and everyone that told me to was completely correct having a tap tempo on a delay pedal if you perform live a lot is completely a game-changer for usability and how easily you can change things on the fly I have to say the sounds on this are great I do like the flashback by TC electronic at least as much and maybe a little more but the playability of this one and the way you can change settings on the fly means that it has displaced both my other delay pedals on my board, so I've had a few requests to make a video on this DD 20, and I'm going to run through some of the stuff on it get my headphones here, so I can hear my direct guitar so here are some of the modes on this, and I'm going to go in descending order of usefulness according to me this is the tape mode which according to the manual is modeled after the Roland space echo which is like a iconic delay outboard piece of gear, and it's got that analog kind of tape sound especially when you play something higher you can hear they're kind of the warble of the tape modeling on this, and it sounds really beautiful for kind of Spacey stuff I like this one with the effect level and the feedback level pretty high so that it gets really ambient I wouldn't, I wouldn't play like a really rhythmic song with it turned up this high and then the other setting right here that I use the most often is the one right above this analog, and it's a little similar to the tape setting but for this one in particular I like setting the feedback shorter because these repeats delay in kind of nice muddy fashion which like stays out of your way when you are playing something a little more rhythmic so if you set it to short repeats which does a couple than that's really good for more rhythmic kind of groovy things and they kind of they decay quickly instead of your way if you keep the feedback low than the standard one up top here sounds the most like my dd3 that this displaced just a crisp like digital delay that sounds exactly like the note that you played and what I like this standard one for the most is doing dotted eighth delays setting after that is dual which actually does to delay repeats at like different times, so it's doing like two of them off B from each other, and you can tweak the intervals on those but what I use this dual for is tremolo picking or something where I want a lot of little notes to fill in around me because it really helps with that rapid kind of tremolo thing it's even better with like a reverb on and then the smooth setting is supposed to sound a little like a reverb it is I mean it's still delaying but if it's supposed to kind of bloom in a ambient fashion and then there's one on here called modulate which is it introducing kind of a courtesy effect to the echoes and...
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